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oerbayun asked: lisa mishima or touka kirishima?

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Do you ever stop and think that inside those titans there were two tiny kids. Because I do. And I cry like a baby.

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no matter what okinawa will be fun ო dedicated to special thanks to iryonin for allowing me to use her translation~

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Haru, Makoto and Kisumi on middle school

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I swore I would never do another awful thing to Izumi!
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What we say isn’t always how we feel; and how we feel isn’t always what we say.
- william chapman  (via perfect)
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haruka “aoba’s moe mom” seragaki (◕‿◕✿)

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Zankyou no Terror ◈ Characters
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We always used to look at the setting sun together, didn’t we? We used to eat dinner together, right? That’s what love is! Fighting over trivial things, laughing over stupid things…Coming home five minutes earlier than usualThat’s what love is! Laughing, crying, getting angry, being happy, we did al that together, didn’t we? You’re the one who taught me that. So why…why are you trying to just disappear?  

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei ch. 72