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gekkan shoujo nazaki-kun + scenery

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Just now, wasn't that the boy who...?
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The fact that Aggron are just huge garden nerds always gets me, cute mountain guardians that I personally think become the mountain with age while taking care of the grass pokemon there and gosh….

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In that moment, a new hope was born in my empty heart. As tiny as it was, it was a new dream. A dream to swim with you again. Back then, I wan’t able to see how precious it was to be able to swim with friends. 

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after relays

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We were raised not knowing our parents in that dark institution. Even after we escaped, we were always alone, just the two of us. He and I. Neither one of us was ever needed by anyone before. That’s why.. Thank you, Lisa. I’m glad I met you.

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Now & then (art by Mo)

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♦ Those who steal and those who are stolen from.
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Free! future fish + chibi ♥